DISCLAIMER:  Should you need to clarify your COVID status upon arrival in italy, please follow this link and take the survey to find out the latest requirements of the Italian government. We can also assist you in getting the information on how to obtain a covid test appointment prior to your return home.

Venissa considers highest priority the health, the safety and security of its guests, employees, and business partners worldwide. We have activated all preventive and protective measures against COVID-19. Our health specialists ensure that the strictest protocols for hotels and restaurants, as developed by the WHO, are implemented and respected. All staff has been trained to use the disinfectants safely and correctly. 

Our facilities have large public areas that allow to maintain good ventilation and the required social distances.

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available at contact points for our guests and employees.

Complimentary sanitizing hand wipes and gels are provided upon request. Electrostatic sprayers are used to provide precise and complete application of disinfectants.

We schedule and perform routine cleaning and disinfection of all contact surfaces in public and high traffic areas.

Our strict hygiene protocols ensure that rooms, amenities, and spaces have been deep cleaned and disinfected for safe use (Guestrooms upon check-in, Minibar, bathrooms, etc.). Our soft furnishings are disinfected thoroughly.

All our staff, as well as our guests, must wear face masks and keep a safety distance of one metre in public areas. Staff who must enter guest rooms will be provided and required to wear face coverings. They have been instructed to minimize contact with guests’ personal belongings when cleaning.

At the Restaurant and Osteria Contemporanea, tables and seating layout has been rearranged to provide sufficient distance between other guests at other tables.

Breakfast is served by our waiting staff, as guests are asked to sit at the table. There is no breakfast buffet.

Events, weekly programmes, wine tastings, are offered only in very small groups to keep social distancing.

We are constantly monitoring the status of COVID-19 around the world and are continually following the changes of the local health authorities to continue working towards providing the best service possible while safeguarding the safety of our guests and employees.

The entire team of Venissa remains at disposal for any further information or doubt.



We adjust our standard cancellation policy according to the situation and reduce it to up to 72 hours instead of 7 days to ensure the most flexibility to our guests.

If their or the Italian government imposes a covid restriction which will prevent them from traveling, guests who have made any type of prior reservation with Venissa (including non refundable offers) are eligible to receive a voucher to be used for future bookings or to make a purchase on our e-shop.

For any type of prior reservations made with Venissa, guests who find themselves (or have any travelling partners) in the unfortunate situation of testing positive to Covid, thus being prevented from travelling, will be eligible to receive a voucher to be used for future bookings or to make a purchase on our e-shop.

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