2010 | The One and Only

The very first vintage that gave life to the story of Venissa. Complex, evolved, captivating, and warm with notes of tobacco. The character and elegance of a red, the power and spirit of white, are what this vintage expresses.

2011 | The Orient

Star anise, almond, chamomile, mandarin oil, and spices. This is a vintage that reflects the history of Venice, with hints of the Orient. It is a wine of great complexity, minerality, and freshness that still has much to express.

2012 | Character

A golden color with hints of amber and a surprising bouquet of liquorice, tobacco, and notes of saltiness and minerality. This is a wine that distinguishes itself from the other vintages with its strong personality.

2013 | Elegance

Tea, peach, and chamomile, saltiness and hints of the sea. This vintage boats fresh notes and marked minerality that exalts its complex structure.


Salt, verticality and plenty of character. These are exceedingly difficult vintages if you want to make wines with character, but there is more than enough in 2014.


Yellow flowers, cedar and bergamot, notes of sea and lagoon. Character and elegance; in perfect vintages there is no need to choose, everything is inside.

Venissa 2016 0,5l


Yellow fruits, chamomile, hints of dried citrus peels, honey, walnuts and licorice. A dry, savoury and persistent finish. Structure and balance – the best vintage of the decade.

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